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Team Talk


A home educators' discussion series for such a time as this!

Join us Thursdays from 6pm-8pm at Eden Prairie Assembly of God (EPAG) for a time of encouragement and refreshment for both new and seasoned homeschoolers. These evenings are open to non-members and members of Esther's Place as chance for us to get to know one another and to be spurred on in our journeys in home education. 

Click the "Sign Up" button for more information. You will be redirected to our membership page where you can sign up for the Parents Equipped topics that interest you.

We can't wait to meet you!




You Can Do This! How to Teach YOUR Child

Have you jumped into the waters of homeschooling and now you're wondering how you actually do the "school" part? Come get some practical tips, advice, and strategies on how to teach your children at home.



What About Socialization? Defending Your Decision to Home Educate

"What about socialization?" If you haven’t been asked this question yet, you will, along with many others that may make you begin to doubt your ability to successfully educate your children at home. Join us for a discussion to equip you with answers to some of the well-meaning questions from sceptics. You will leave encouraged, and hopefully full of resolve, to defend your decision to homeschool.



Differently Gifted: Home Educating Children with Special Needs

Your child is fearfully and wonderfully made, we know this full well! But that doesn't mean he or she is free from struggles that make education more of a challenge. Join us for a discussion to learn why home education is the BEST option for your child with special needs! We will discuss resources, tools and services available to help you children develop into the people God has made them to be.



The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: How to Homeschool the Holidays!

Fun fact: You can turn all the things you do for holiday prep and celebration into a robust, fruitful, and fun family experience that totally “counts” as school. Curious how? Come join us for a discussion on turning the hustle and bustle of the holidays into blessings that round out your home education rather than distract from it. 

Colored Pencils


We are now accepting membership to Esther's Place Homeschool Resource Center!

We have found a interim place to begin holding regular parent equipping and support meetings this fall! We will be meeting bi-monthly on Thursdays starting in October at a church in Eden Prairie. For all the details and to join click the "learn more" button. You will be redirected to our members' site through Homeschool-Life. com



"For such a time as this!"

Esther's Place Home School Resource Center is a meeting and classroom space for home educating families. We're opening doors to supplement, encourage and support the homeschooling community.



Just what you were looking for.

Esther’s Place Homeschool Resource Center offers everything you need to make homeschooling successful for your family, all under one roof.

Parents need support too! Homeschooling is a commitment that many parents may find at first very daunting. Their heart wants to homeschool but they’re overwhelmed when they look at how they will logistically make it work for their family. We’re here to say YOU CAN DO IT, AND WE’RE HERE TO HELP! Our Resource Center is designed for YOU.

Your donation goes directly into our fund to plant roots in a building space where we will create our vision and open our doors. With your financial gift you are setting us on the fast track to open doors to this ministry as soon as possible! 

Esther's Place is a non-profit ministry operating under The Ministry Office (501c3) that guarantees your gift goes exactly where you intend.

Join us in our mission to minister, disciple and shepherd our children through this life and the next.

For you were born for such a time as this. Esther 4:14



Feeling Inspired? Us too!!


Esther's Place has found in interim home to our Parents Equipped discussion series and other events for the 2021-2022 school year! We still have operating costs for our ministry that are not covered by membership dues. Your gift at this time will go toward covering scholarships for families who need financial assistance as well as the rental space for The Bookshelf, our free curriculum library. We appreciate your help. Thank you!


Join our community by adding your contact information. We'd love to share all the ways Esther's Place is growing and how you can become a member of our community. We can't wait to meet you!

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